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Texas, U.S.A. A small office on the third floor of the Austin Convention Centre, an unassuming hub out of which, for just one week only, almost 5000 endpoints are being managed –  the equivalent of a decent-sized enterprise, thrown up in a matter of days for the Tableau Conference 2016 (or, TC16). Thousands of Tableau
Get PC about Enterprise Efficiency I was looking at Microsoft’s Green Blog only the other day and it struck me that when it comes to energy management, however much we try to be green and reduce our power consumption on appliances, actually it was the construction of the device that accounts for the majority of
The program at Data Center Dynamics Converged, in Dallas, TX this week was full of topics related to the problem of diminishing data center capacity, and the difficulty we experience as data center operators in managing this problem. DLB Associates, representing ASHRAE TC9.9 continued its mission to socialize the expanded thermal operating guidelines for ICT,
The operation of the data center represents the bulk of most Enterprise IT budgets. Most firms will attest that the composition of the annual IT budget is 80% for “keeping the lights on,” and only 20% for “projects” or “innovation.” Of that 80% of the budget invested in maintaining the data center estate, some portion
If one agrees that data is the Business’ most valuable asset, then the data center is the metaphorical treasure chest of the Business. The data center represents a major focal point of capital and expense for the Business, as the container and life support system for its IT assets. While data centers are conceived with
The first comprehensive reference and technical guide to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012, “System Center Operations Manager 2012 Unleashed” contains contribution by 1E’s Data Center Practice Professional Services Consultant, Scott Moss. This soon to be released book, is the authoritative text for integrating OpsMgr 2012 to manage cloud and datacenter applications and services, and
Imagine a world (or a datacenter for that matter) that runs your business as securely and safely as before – but much more efficiently and with fewer servers in it. According to IDC, server revenue across EMEA showed a second successive quarterly decline and an 11% year over year drop. So businesses are not buying
We’re all feeling a bit proud of ourselves here at 1E HQ today. Here’s why: We made it! It was the biggest award of the night and we’re absolutely delighted with it. We’ll be wearing the badge with pride for the next 365 days. A big thanks to our customers from ERM, Alliance Boots and
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Thursday, 10 November 2011 / Published in IT Efficiency, Nomad, Products, Server Efficiency, Uncategorized
Market leader, Nomad Enterprise, part of an IT Efficiency suite from 1E, already installed across more than 3.5 million PCs worldwide, continues to go from strength to strength – this year alone we’ve won more than 60 deals at some of the largest corporations across the globe. They have bought into this mature, yet simplified
Jerry Rutkowski, 1E’s Director of Strategic Accounts, Federal has a really nice article posted about server efficiency on the Environmental Leader web site today. You may think that just because servers are now the size of “pizza boxes” that they are entirely efficient and power consciousness. In truth, we have come a long way over