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Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) confirmed that style is taking a backseat to something that concerns all of us: extended (reliable) battery life. Luckily, the industry continues to listen and there were impressive responses to our queries. No one likes to see the battery percentage on our phones, tablets, or other devices dwindle and
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NightWatchman is great at shutting down computers when they’re not needed and waking them when they are. Sometimes I wonder if WakeUp is even more popular with our customers than power management or the other NWM features. But like a parent, as product manager I try my best to focus on all my ‘children’ equally.
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Modern devices often have “system-on-chip” hardware and use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Such computers are capable of Connected Standby (Windows 8) or Modern Standby (Windows 10), which can place the hardware in a deeper standby state than traditional laptops and yet still have network connectivity while in standby. Tablets, 2-in-1’s, convertibles, and similar devices
Paul Thomsen
Friday, 13 May 2016 / Published in Green IT, NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Uncategorized
William Edmondson
The recent release of NightWatchman 7.1 includes two important new features: Power Optimization and Reboot Optimization. Today let’s focus on Reboot Optimization. Reboots have been a serious pain for both users and administrators as long as we’ve had computers. We know they’re necessary, but are too often needed when we have important work to do.
Nightwatchman 7.1
One of my greatest honors as a product manager is to announce the release to market of a new version of NightWatchman. NightWatchman 7.1 is now available! Based on input from many of our existing customers and a lot of hard work from numerous 1E staff, we’ve added some key extensions to the feature set.
Apurv Gupta
Tuesday, 02 June 2015 / Published in NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Products, Uncategorized
The NightWatchman console is great for waking up machines, but how can you use it to shut-down machines on demand? With NightWatchman 7 we have made the console extendable. What better extension than to make NightWatchman more responsive via on-demand commands? NightWatchmanAsyncReport is an asynchronous command provider that runs NightWatchman.exe against selected machines. This can
Recently, the cost of oil has dropped significantly (presently under US$50 per barrel – by way of comparison, the same barrel was over US$100 during the summer of 2014) and as a direct result we are seeing the costs associated with the provision of energy to homes and businesses drop. So, given that we are
Andrew Robertson
Friday, 13 February 2015 / Published in Green IT, NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Uncategorized
Do you have any way of accurately determining how much energy your end user computing is costing you on a daily / weekly / monthly / annual basis? Can you even guess what part of the energy bills are attributed to end user computing? Is this even something that you care about? Of course this
Andrew Robertson
Friday, 06 February 2015 / Published in Green IT, NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Uncategorized
Following on from my last article that talked about the coal mining industry and how the automation reduced risk and increased output within the mines during the 20th century, I thought it prudent to go on to discuss how we can use these lessons to reduce our own carbon footprints in an easy manner, reducing
Andrew Robertson
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 / Published in Green IT, NightWatchman, PC Power Management, Products, Uncategorized
Over my Christmas holiday vacation I visited a coal mining museum with my family and much of what we learned in that mine, nearly 800 feet under the ground are applicable to everyday life and how we are in constant strive to improve. The examples that I cite are the machines that were designed in