Software License Renewals
Last week we hosted our third Strategic SAM webinar: Renewal Time Again, The Data You Need and How to Use It. In this session we covered tactics and strategies, like software reclaim, that will help you reduce the cost of software license renewals. You can watch the entire webinar and highlight clips on-demand. We took
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1E recently produced a very interesting study (see The Real Cost of Software Waste) which analyzed data from over 3.6m desktops across 150 companies and took over four years to compile. According to the IT Financial Analyst team which put the study together, on average in the US, 37% of software is wasted – going
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How much is wasted or unused software costing you? Our latest report – covering 3.6 million seats and 1,800 software titles across 129 leading corporations – reveals that on average, companies are wasting 37% of their software spend – a proportion that would be deemed unacceptable in any other part of the business. We found
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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 / Published in AppClarity, IT Efficiency, Software Reclaim, Uncategorized
If you deploy a piece of expensive software, do you check to see if it’s being used? If not, you are almost certainly squandering money. The results of our comprehensive study showed that on average, 37% of installed software goes unused. In the US alone, that equals a total of $30 billion dollars in wasted
You may have seen a blog post from a well-known SAM vendor last week, in which they announced the availability of automated license re-harvesting to drive a more seamless and efficient SAM process. The “new” solution was described as “4th Generation SAM,” which surprised us on two counts here at 1E. It surprised us because,