Last year saw the thirtieth anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows, and today 1E unveils an exclusive, free new microsite, Windows through the years: The history of Microsoft’s IT revolution. It’s an interactive, multi-media and immensely fun history of Windows, all the way from Windows 1.0 to Windows 10, with every success, innovation and misstep covered
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lack of preparation
It’s projected to cost a total of $139M and by the time it’s over it will have lasted almost two presidential terms. However, the most shocking truth about the IRS’s migration from Windows XP Server 2003 is not the cost or the duration of the project but the fact that XP will be obsolete years
#TheFrappening Starbucks gave away thousands of free drinks last Friday after a massive Point of Sale (POS) outage. That may have been a hit with the lucky customers who got a free Frapuccino; however, it exposes just how vulnerable retailers are to POS systems failures and security threats. Savvy twitter users jumped on the opportunity
Simon Burbidge and a team of 1E consultants developed some unique techniques that were used in a Windows XP to Windows 7 operating system deployment (OSD) project that achieved what many would agree is amazing success. The project was for a regional United States bank on a tight deadline with 90,000 clients, many in the
Hello there, As I’m sure you know today marks the end of Microsoft’s extended support for Windows XP. While the majority of our customers have taken advantage of our windows migration technologies, we acknowledge there will be pockets of legacy systems out there. This may be for a variety of reasons such as legacy applications
The official End-of-Support for Windows XP arrives this month, bringing an end to useful life for the erstwhile operating system. While a majority of organizations have taken significant action and have completed Windows migrations, or have projects very much underway, a surprisingly large number have not yet taken their first substantive steps towards migrating. Some
There is less than one month to go to complete your Windows migration before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP; the so called #EndofDaysXP. Experts, including Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group in volume 15 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, warn of a firestorm as hackers release stockpiled attacks on the then defenseless Operating System. If
100 days, that’s how long until Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP, and ceases to offer support for the operating system first released in 2001. Any organization that hasn’t migrated to Windows 7 or Windows 8 by April 8 2014, is leaving themselves wide open to hackers, and facing extortionate custom support charges. Research
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Why are large organizations so slow at moving to the latest Windows Operating System (OS)? Most did not move to Vista and many are still on Windows XP as the Microsoft deadline to migrate, or face prohibitively expensive custom support agreement, is getting dangerously close. Windows 7 is widely believed to be a significant upgrade
We understand how daunting deploying a new Operating system across an entire corporate estate can be, which is why we have announced a new eBook, “Zero-Touch Windows Migration,” which outlines the smartest, fastest way for IT teams to deliver new Operating Systems and migrate applications. The eBook comes as Microsoft’s April 2014 End of Support