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Celebrating International Women’s Day 2021 with 1E; Hear from Some of Our Women Leaders

International Women's Day 1E

Carol Taylor (Director, Customer Success and Program Management)
Elizabeth Ball (Director of Solutions Consulting)
Renu Wren (VP, Global Partners and International Sales)

What do you think are struggles or challenges or barriers women in your position face?

CT: Overcoming the status quo of white males as the standard for leadership positions. Not being deterred by setbacks during career growth and using these setbacks as learning experiences for personal growth and professional integrity.
EB: There are times, especially at VP level, when you can feel blocked out or that your voice, domain knowledge, and expertise are being overlooked sometimes because of your position as a woman.
RW: Equal treatment has come a long way, but is not always automatic; work life balance, gender pay gap, re-entering the workforce after leave, balancing our perception, self-confidence, imposter syndrome (there is sometimes a struggle to take credit and accept that you’ve done a good job) and even appearance are just a few of the struggles and challenges women may face.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a woman leader in the tech space?

RW: Working for some of the top US companies in leadership roles with mainly men and often being the only woman.
CT: Being a Servant Leader, coach, and mentor to a world class Customer Success Team and Project Management Team of bright, hardworking individuals whose contributions make a difference both in our business and in the world.
EB: Always being able to bring an engineer’s perspective to the leadership table – it’s been important for me to be able to relate my experience as an engineer to the decisions being made at a management or leadership level. It’s important to bring that voice.

What advice would you give aspiring young women?

CT: Don’t let fear stand in your way. Own your opportunities, your presence, and your confidence. Recognize your weaknesses and play to your strengths.
RW: Set your goals high, be clear and don’t let anyone stop you, you can do it.
EB: Mentors! Always ask for a mentor – and it doesn’t hurt to have more than one. Make the most of both male AND female mentors. It’s great to be able to understand drive, motivation, success, and networking from all angles.

How will you help forge a gender equal world?

EB: Try to keep mentoring! Whether it’s teaching young girls at my daughter’s equestrian club how to be leaders, or working with college students, engaging in mentoring programs is great! I want to get back into the role of professionally mentoring women in technology, especially.

By demonstrating that each gender has its challenges and that each has much offer in harmony. Having a mindset that allows you to not accept obstacles but find ways of getting to your goals, whilst at the time maintaining your integrity.
CT: By holding myself to a high standard, staying true to myself and setting a positive example for aspiring young women.


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