Community favorite and 1E employee, Ed Aldrich, to expand his wardrobe at MMS 2011 #mms2011

Over at there’s a post (with some hilarious photos) about our upcoming MMS 2011 Gold sponsor session entitled: “1E Celebrates the Heroes of Systems Management
Take a fair view of this post:
Ed Aldrich in a Tux at MMS 2011
Then, stop by the session at MMS 2011. We promise the session will be just as much fun!

BK08 1E Celebrates the Heroes of Systems Management
Banyan B Wed 3/23 10:15a – 11:30a
In this interactive session, join 1E as we recognize select individuals involved in the evolution of SMS and ConfigMgr over the past decade. This presentation promises to be both educational and entertaining! The heroes will share hard earned advice and interesting facts about themselves to advance your knowledge and insight. In addition, be the first to witness the launch of the latest addition to the 1E product family.


Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in the Enterprise: Progress, Patterns, and Gaps

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