The countdown has begun: Windows 7 support is ending

The countdown has begun: Windows 7 support is ending

In July of 2009, the world was aflutter with the release of Windows 7. Hailed as the “gateway to the future” by nearly every tech magazine around, it emerged as a clear upgrade from any previous OS.
Now that support for Windows 7 has officially begun to end (quite an irony there), the choice to upgrade has changed from an option to an ultimatum.
To celebrate the life of the cherished OS, here are 5 things we loved about Windows 7:

  1. Handwriting recognition. At the time it was considered “advanced” and definitely made taking notes in college lectures much cooler.
  2. Less power, more power. Windows 7 required very little power from your desktop rig to function properly.
  3. Search Connectors allowed for files to be searched beyond just your desktop to say, a SharePoint server, as well.
  4. The Reliability Monitor showed a point by point graph of your system’s stability.
  5. There was a “God Mode”. Enough said.

So what are you going to do now? Planning for an in-place upgrade? Or a hardware refresh? Either way, the clock is ticking.


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