CVE-2023-2033: Mitigating the Chrome bug with 1E

1E helps enterprise customers address critical security vulnerabilities

Security vulnerabilities can pose a major threat to enterprise organizations, especially those with a large number of employees and devices. In April 2023, Google announced that they are working on a patch to address a zero-day vulnerability in their Chrome browser. This vulnerability, CVE-2023-2033, could allow attackers to remotely execute code and gain control of the user’s system.

While Google is working on a fix, enterprise customers need to find ways to mitigate the risk and protect their systems. This is where 1E comes in. With powerful instructions and rules, the 1E platform can identify and eliminate multiple versions of Chrome that are currently in use, including those with known vulnerabilities. Once the script is applied, it can also enforce an immediate upgrade when the new version becomes available.

One satisfied customer, Kurt De Ruwe, the CIO of Akzo Nobel, recently shared their experience with 1E. According to Kurt, “Google Chrome does not require admin rights to be installed. Several things can be configured at an enterprise level but ensuring people would regularly upgrade remains a user responsibility. With 1E we now have a way to enforce the version we want our users to use. We recently upgraded 52 different versions to the single current version in a matter of days.”

Using the 1E DEX solution, Kurt’s team could upgrade all of their different versions of Chrome to the latest version in a single action. All online devices were updated at once—and as other machines connected over the next few days, they too were updated. This is a crucial capability, especially with the upcoming release that will fix the zero-day vulnerability.

Kurt says, “Without 1E, we would have been exposed for weeks and a lot of manual work would have been needed to ensure all devices were upgraded.” This is a powerful testament to the value that 1E can bring to enterprise customers who are looking to improve their security posture and protect their systems from known vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, security vulnerabilities are a significant threat to enterprise organizations. With the help of 1E’s powerful platform, enterprise customers can identify and eliminate multiple versions of Chrome that are currently in use, including those with known vulnerabilities. This can help protect their systems from potential attacks and make sure that they are always up to date with the latest security patches.


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