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Dell and IT Efficiency: Two great posts that read great together

Two separate posts, on two separate web sites today talk about Dell’s 2011 green successes.
Heather Clancy, of ZDNet, talks about: Dell’s 2011 green report card mixed as it preps for cloud era, while, Matthew Wheeland, of Greener Computing reports: Dell Backs Away from Carbon Neutrality, Focuses on Efficiency & E-Waste
Both articles point to Dell’s recent released 2011 CSR report (PDF).
A quick breakdown suggests that:

  • Dell has improved the performance-per-watt of its servers by 3100 percent within the last five years
  • Its desktops and laptops have gotten 25 percent more energy-efficient since 2008
  • Its e-waste collection efforts grew by 16 percent over last year, with nearly 68 million kilograms (just about 150 million pounds) of e-waste collected in the last year
  • The company has also surpassed its goal to reduce the amount of packaging used by 10 percent, and is three-quarters of the way toward its goal of 20 million pounds of total packaging reductions by 2012.

These successes are huge and really shows how committed Dell is to lead the way in improving efficiency and eliminating waste within the organization.
Dell is a an awesome partner of ours and also one of those customers that love everything about 1E’s solutions. Dell has deployed each and every one of our IT Efficiency solutions in their IT infrastructure. We are extremely happy to see Dell doing so well with their greening projects and also extremely excited to be a solution provider for that project.
If you’ve not seen it yet, here’s a wonderful video case study from Dell. Angie Stahl does a great job describing how 1E is used throughout the Dell organization.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022