2020: The end of the (Windows 7) world

2020: The end of the (Windows 7) world

2020 – Windows 7 reaches end of life, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your world.

Imagine, a cold, desolate world, devoid of life, hope, and everything you hold dear.
Okay, maybe it’s not all that dramatic. But with Windows 7 coming to the end of support, you may have imagined a few scenarios that aren’t so pleasant. Do you have a plan? If the answer is “no”…count yourself amongst the many.
If you recall the end of support for Windows XP (in April of 2014), there was widespread panic as organizations struggled to get current to the then-new Windows 7. They left themselves wide-open to hackers and a lot of those businesses paid the price.
After all the mania surrounding recent cyber attacks, why put your business in a vulnerable state? Why chance survival in the post-apocalyptic world where you’re alone, without any support.
Here’s a better alternative.
We’ve gathered the best of the best: 

MVP Johan Arwidmark, MVP Maurice Daly and our own Steve Campbell

to show you the different scenarios for upgrading to Windows 10 and the relevant challenges (including some of the less obvious ones like how to manage offsite/remote workers). They’ll also show you the best ways to upgrade to Windows 10 so you can fully understand the process.
Take this event as an opportunity to streamline and automate your Windows servicing to make it an on-going process, not a traumatic one-off project.


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