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What’s New with ServiceNow: Evolving IT Service Management (ITSM)

The collaborative efforts of ServiceNow and 1E have been pivotal in addressing these needs, offering robust solutions that make significant strides in ITSM practices. This story unfolds by integrating 1E’s innovative enhancements into ServiceNow, creating a suite of tools that address the evolving challenges of IT environments.

The Foundation:

Our journey with ServiceNow has been characterized by a constant pursuit of improvement, with 1E’s Service Desk Augmentation and Automated Self-Service solutions laying the groundwork for transformative IT service experiences:

  • Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow by 1E has significantly improved service desk efficiency, leveraging automation to reduce resolution times and increase the rate of first-call resolutions.
  • Automated Self-Service for ServiceNow by 1E has introduced efficiencies in ticket deflection and support cost reduction. Users can independently find resolutions using an AI-powered chatbot and workflow automation.

The next steps: practical enhancements for today’s ITSM

Building on this foundation, 1E’s latest updates provide practical enhancements that directly address the needs of modern ITSM environments.

Broader device support

The Service Catalog Connect now extends its capabilities to include both domain and non-domain devices, enhancing accessibility and simplifying the user experience for a wider range of device configurations. This move not only embraces a more inclusive approach but also streamlines shopping and ordering processes across varied technological landscapes.

Enhanced role-based access control

With heightened concerns around data security and operational efficiency, the CMDB app’s advanced role-based access control is a timely enhancement. By more accurately aligning access with user roles, this feature guarantees the protection of sensitive data and optimizes workflows. This contributes to a more secure and efficient IT management ecosystem.

Efficient incident resolution

Improving incident resolution processes has been a key focus, with ITSM Connect enhancements enabling more effective and timely resolutions. By facilitating quick actions directly from the incident form, these updates improve operational efficiency. They also improve the overall user experience, ensuring reliability and trust in IT services.

Looking ahead: continuous improvement in ITSM

The enhancements brought by ServiceNow and 1E serve as milestones in the journey towards more efficient, secure, and satisfying IT service management (ITSM). These updates reflect our commitment to addressing the practical needs of modern ITSM, offering tools that directly improve service delivery and management.

These enhancements equip organizations with solutions that enhance service quality and operational efficiency, leaving them better placed to navigate the complexities of today’s IT environments. The collaborative innovations of ServiceNow and 1E aren’t just about keeping pace with changes but actively moving forward, setting new benchmarks for what ITSM can achieve.

To learn more, you can read the release notes.


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