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The future is here: Tachyon and ServiceNow are revolutionizing IT

The future of IT: Tachyon and ServiceNow

What do you think of when you consider the future?

Most might envision flying cars or Doc Brown talking about gigawatts, but for those at ECS Security, they see the future in Tachyon and ServiceNow. And it’s not in some, far off, distant delusion. It’s here. And it’s now.
“The future is already here,” said William Gibson, “it’s just not very evenly distributed.” For a lot of people – such as ECS Security’s CTO and founder Nathan Dornbrook, 1E’s Tachyon is this future, especially when integrated with ServiceNow. Together they provide an end-to-end automation capability that could revolutionize IT.

So what exactly is so revolutionary?

For one, Personal Identifiable Information or PII, is becoming more and more of an issue.  Because we are constantly adding new endpoints, PII is continuing to grow. How does a business manage all of those (very important) pieces? The more unsecured PII there are, the more opportunity there is for risk.
With Tachyon, you can quickly find PII. So that remediation can take place, ServiceNow takes the PII and attaches it to a specific record. Then Tachyon follows up by being able to push all of the remediations out to however many endpoints your organization has.
This gives you technical control over PII across your entire estate, which has never been done before. With the union of Tachyon and ServiceNow, businesses are finding solutions to unique issues such as this one. Watch below to learn more about this revolutionizing action:

The showstopping attribute that both of these tools provide is accuracy.
Beyond the amazing speed Tachyon delivers, the acute attention to detail is staggering. You are given complete control and insight into your IT estate with the inclusion of ServiceNow.
Listen to Nathan Dornbrook of ECS discuss the power delivered from both of these tools together:

Ready to see Tachyon in action? Sign up for one of our live demonstrations here.


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