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Getting Your House in Order: Report Launch


We have been working to put together an exciting report with never-before-seen findings.

The exclusive report, “Getting Your House in Order: Why businesses are leaving doors open to security breaches and what must be done to close them” is now available for you to download. And you should. Here’s why:
1E surveyed 600 senior IT decision makers. The report focusses on the importance of patching, automation, as well as IT Ops/Security collaboration. We asked them questions about the multitude of struggles they face on a daily basis. We wanted to understand what their pain points are and what things could be done to alleviate them. For example, do you know what percentage of people say they experienced a serious security breach in the last two years? How about those organizations that experienced more than one? The numbers are startling and reveal the true story of what’s happening in the industry.
It’s a powerful and very engaging piece of thought leadership content.

Enjoy exclusive video and infographic content like this which features Talal Rajab. He’s the head of Programme, Cyber and National security at techUK.

There’s also a powerful foreword penned by 1E CEO Sumir Karayi. The entire report contains expert commentary from leading influencers and esteemed 1E customers.
michael daniel
This report culminates in a specially composed 10-Point Action Plan by Michael Daniel (former cyber advisor to President Obama) for reducing cyber risk, with lots of recommendations that resonate with our messaging and solutions.
In what Forbes is calling an “interesting read”, downloading this report might be the best thing you do all year. Access the findings now.
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The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022