Gigaom: Cleantech apocalypse? No, but it’s cyclical

Katie Fehrenbacher put together an interesting and insightful article and posted today where she agrees that Cleantech is not done for, yet. Katie simply believes that there’s a natural ebb-and-flow to the adoption of Cleantech, almost like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
However, I think Katie seems to indicate that Cleantech is the *only* way for a sustainable future, and that’s not quite the case. Even during the downturn of the cycle organizations can do simple things like monitor and reduce power consumption. The financial benefits from these alone can be significant. So, while the world’s economy does play a factor in a full and complete acceptance of Cleantech, there are still things that can be done – to help save the economy, or at least run technology more efficiently in an effort to do a part.
As you’ve read here or heard from 1E before, everything we do is about helping to produce a highly efficient IT organization – which means that companies save money, save energy, and save the environment. These are real things, not marketing blurbs we make up. Our customers actually do save money and are helping to save the planet. And, they are doing it now. Our solutions are implemented in some of the largest organizations in the world and those companies are getting value now, without having to worry about an uncertain future for Cleantech.
Katie makes a compelling case and the article is definitely worth the read:


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