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Heather Clancy: Power management could help businesses save $18.6B

In a recent blog post, Heather Clancy of ZDNet, talks about the recent Pike Research report that suggests that businesses can save $18.6B just from power management of PCs and Servers. Heather says:

When it comes down to it, power management really is about good management of an IT infrastructure. Period. It is just one more factor within all the various factors that an IT organization needs to consider. So maybe one of the reasons that I have heard less about this category lately is because more businesses now consider power management within their broader systems management agenda.

It’s awesome to see how much of 1E’s vision about saving money and the environment has now become common-place in business agendas. And, it’s great to finally see the server-side of power management getting more exposure. Hopefully, someday our vision in this area will become common-place, too.
You can read Heather’s full post here:
Incidentally, Heather starts out her post with…

It has been weeks since one of the power management software companies pinged me with news about a recent mega-customer win…

She needs to ping us more. We always have big wins in helping our customers.
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