A History of Windows

A History of Windows

Last year saw the thirtieth anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows, and today 1E unveils an exclusive, free new microsite, Windows through the years: The history of Microsoft’s IT revolution.

It’s an interactive, multi-media and immensely fun history of Windows, all the way from Windows 1.0 to Windows 10, with every success, innovation and misstep covered en route.

The site is packed with videos, facts, quiz questions, gifs, ads, and nostalgia-inducing flashbacks of every ilk.
Windows relies on what’s called a graphical user interface (GUI), first developed – but left to gather dust – by Xerox back in 1975. A conventional GUI will consist primarily of the combination of “window, icon, menu and pointing device”, or WIMP. Another term to describe this approach is “the desktop metaphor”, which means that your rectangular monitor is conceived of as if were a desktop, with different folders and documents arrayed upon it.
While Xerox was the first to develop the GUI, Apple was the first to try and fully commercialize it for the original Macintosh. Microsoft worked closely with Apple developing applications for the Macintosh, and Gates drew Jobs’ legendary ire when Microsoft went and quickly developed its own version: Windows 1.0.

Windows Through the Years tells the fascinating story in full…

So, if Windows has made a mark on your life (and, barring a few extreme Apple purists, that numbers of all us), you’re bound to get a lot out of it. There are fun facts galore plus bona fide head-scratchers like this…
Want to know the answer (course you do – and it’s a good one)? Visit the microsite to find out…


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