How 1E is partnering with ServiceNow to deliver a great experience as employees work from home

How 1E is partnering with ServiceNow to deliver a great experience as employees work from home

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, ServiceNow launched a “customer care plan” to help organizations manage their emergency response programs. When they reached out to us at 1E, as a ServiceNow partner, to ask whether we wanted to join them, we didn’t have to think twice. We immediately seized the opportunity to support the initiative by making our ServiceNow app, ITSM Connect, and additional support completely free in the ServiceNow app store.
Here’s why: We know the importance that technology plays in the lives of employees and, as a result, how crucial IT organizations are to the success of every business. During this pandemic, we’ve witnessed IT organizations globally do a remarkable job of standing up remote working strategies on a scale few organizations have ever attempted. IT teams made that happen. And have therefore kept many employees in work and many businesses afloat. As we enter a period of uncertainty regarding the longevity of enforced full-time remote working, we all need to work together to keep our employees and businesses safe.

What is ITSM Connect and how does it help IT manage a remote workforce?

In a remote-first world, endpoints are critical. They keep employees connected to one another and ensure they can remain productive while working from home. That’s why your endpoint management strategy must be scalable to support employees outside of the office.
ITSM Connect is an endpoint management solution that brings the power of 1E’s award-winning Tachyon solution directly into the ServiceNow incident management module. Built as a remote-first solution, it provides IT with complete visibility and control of all endpoints to allow real-time troubleshooting and remediation of issues. ITSM Connect is proven to reduce escalations and improve first call resolution rates: it enables junior technicians to resolve 40% more issues on first attempt by eliminating the need for deep domain knowledge, RDP access or even admin rights to the endpoint.
ITSM Connect integrates directly into the ServiceNow ITSM console so you can take action immediately for faster issue resolution. It also includes a tailored environment to rapidly develop and automatically test fixes that scale across the endpoint estate to deflect tickets from the service desk.
As part of the offer, our support services will also remain free. That means we’ll help you get ITSM Connect set up and provide ongoing support as long as you have it in your environment.

ServiceNow and 1E: Better Together

Employees deserve the best technology and a great service desk experience. Together, ServiceNow and 1E help decrease employee downtime through faster incident resolution and increase service desk agents’ productivity by empowering them to create scalable, automated fixes so they can focus on high-value priorities.
Sumir Karayi, 1E’s CEO and founder, puts it best: “ServiceNow and 1E are better together, because together we can support organizations now and in future by helping IT cultivate great employee experiences. That’s why we are offering ITSM Connect and support services for free.”
If you are interested in learning more about ITSM Connect and the offer, please get in touch with a 1E expert.


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