How important is PC Power Management to Ford? Check out their Wikipedia page

If you haven’t seen it yet, Microsoft recently posted some information about how Ford expects to save over $1 million on PC Power Management alone by combining System Center Configuration Manager with 1E’s NightWatchman software. If you thought PC Power Management was a hot topic before, it is quickly becoming a key indicator that companies like Ford are inclined to take the lead.
Today, someone sent me a direct Tweet about something they had found on Ford’s Wikipedia page where a citation was added to talk about Ford’s latest endeavor. The citation points to a New Statesman article from March 2010 and I just wanted to post that here as a placeholder for your review.
As companies continue their push to maintain a high-level of IT availability while also managing costs and efficiency, more and more companies are realizing the potential of utilizing 1E products in their organization. 1E has been the defined leader for over 10 years in providing solutions that improve the business by making IT a savings center instead of a cost center. Watching news like this unfold is a validation to us that our methods and vision are in complete synch with decision makers in large organizations like Ford.
An anecdote from a meeting last week really stuck with me: Using 1E products is like printing money for your business. When you think about it, that really does make a lot of sense. The quick ROI of investing in 1E’s solutions means that your company starts saving money in a hurry.
If you want to start printing money for your organization, check out the full breadth of 1E solutions, because PC Power Management is only just the beginning for a total cost savings for your business. Everything 1E produces is developed with costs savings in mind.


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