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How to remediate patching issues with 1E

Remediation Powerhouse

Everyone has created a finely honed process that uses the best of the technologies available. 1E tackles the most time-consuming part — the last mile and cleanup.

1E provides real time insights to understand the exact patch status right now on every device. Gone are the days of “let’s wait to see what reporting tells us.”

Security teams are always looking at devices that are vulnerable, with the biggest focus on devices that just won’t patch. Visibility is key to prioritization. 1E’s impact score automates this first step.

Here we see that we need to address a disk space issue which is commonly one of the top 10 patching blockers.

Real-time remediation

When it comes to disk space, knowing that disk space is low is helpful, but oftentimes, you need more context.

With 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting you can ask the more meaningful questions like…

  • Which Folders use the most space?
  • What are the largest files?
  • What common locations can be cleared?

Now that we know that disk space is an issue, let’s remediate it with a follow-up action.

At this point we can either build our own or use the Disk Space Management remediation directly from the 1E Exchange.

To run the remediation, we need to go through the change control and approval process.

User Driven Interaction

This remediation has a built-in interaction with the user, which helps build trust with users.

The user will receive a pop-up that guides them through the cleanup process.

Now that we’ve resolved the disk space issue, let’s patch the device.

1E can trigger your current patching solution to install the required patch. Additionally, in a zero-day scenario, 1E can force the device to go directly to Microsoft Cloud.

Finally, let’s deploy the patch by rebooting the device.

The user will receive a prompt to reboot their device which will finalize this patching process.

You can customize this process with the Managed Reboots remediation.

Patch Tuesday often consumes more time and resources than expected, leaving vulnerabilities unaddressed. 1E provides real-time insights, enabling you to understand the exact patch status of every device and prioritize remediation efforts effectively. With 1E you can delve deeper into issues like low disk space, empowering you to ask meaningful questions and guide users through the cleanup process. Seamlessly trigger your patching solution, install required patches, and ensure their effectiveness through device reboots. Say goodbye to complexities and embrace 1E’s platform for efficient, secure, and user-centric patch management.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022