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Inside Tachyon: A Look Under the Hood

Inside Tachyon: A Look Under the Hood

Adrian Todd is Senior Product Manager for Tachyon. In this post, Adrian describes the business drivers behind the creation and launch of 1E’s newest product and highlights the difference between Tachyon and other solutions existing in the market.

Tachyon. This amazing new platform from 1E allows you to hold an investigative conversation with all of your endpoints, and then to make remediating changes, in just seconds.  Regardless of operating system, device type or location, Tachyon enables IT operations to interact with every endpoint without impacting normal business activity and to act with confidence when changes are needed.
This is revolutionary!  It gives system administrators this new capability to directly interact with endpoints faster that has ever been possible before.  #FasterIT
With Tachyon, you can instantly respond to the relentless requests coming from your security team, or get that inventory information that your auditors are demanding.  All you have to do is ask. With Tachyon you always get the answer direct from the endpoints in seconds.
In our ever changing and increasing sophisticated world of enterprise IT, operations teams are struggling to keep up with the demands of their digital businesses using traditional configuration management tools. With Tachyon, IT ops are, for the first time, able to respond to those urgent and ad-hoc requests in minutes, rather than it taking days or weeks. Not only is Tachyon enabling Faster IT, but it is fast to deploy and test as well.  Those customers that have been implementing Tachyon have been able to start using it to reduce their time to resolving issues in just a few hours.

What makes Tachyon so special?

Tachyon, regardless of its complex internal workings, is easy to use and can be applied with ease to your existing IT infrastructure. Here are some aspects of Tachyon to consider:
Tachyon offers direct communication to all devices in the IT enterprise.

Tachyon is a lightweight agent that works across all platforms. (Windows, Linux, Solaris and Android.)

Tachyon is simple to extend with new queries and actions that are relevant to your business needs.


Why is Tachyon revolutionary?

We have all been there: You’re comfortably sitting at home on your day off, when you are notified that a planned update hasn’t gone according to plan.  You need to act fast, you need to investigate, find the cause and hopefully fix the problem before it cripples the business. You know from experience that you are likely to be at it for a long time.  First off, you typically ask your configuration management tool to gather key device information. Then you have to play the waiting game waiting for the responses to come in. Once you have found the cause and been able to update the policy, you then have to wait while the policy is sent out to all the affected devices. By this time, you have missed that important family meal or ball game.

With Tachyon, getting the device information needed to investigate the issue is just a few seconds away.  And once the problem has been identified, fixing the affected devices is easily accomplished with a follow on action in just a few more seconds.
As the Product Manager for Tachyon here at 1E, I’ve been in a fortunate position to work with some of the best software engineers in the world.  Over the last two years we have brought to life this game changing concept from the whiteboard to solving real problems for real customers. Following agile development methods, not only have we engineered Tachyon to be the most scalable fastest platform for endpoint management but we have been able to respond to new feature requests from our first customers. For most of 2016, we were delivering releases every month which meant that we were continuously getting great customer feedback. That, in my opinion, is what has made Tachyon the most amazing and exciting product that was designed to serve the needs of IT operations teams today.


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