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It wasn’t me! A techie’s guide to immunizing yourself against phishing attacks

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There’s a wonderful website,, which produces parodies of those awful inspirational posters that were once so popular. My particular favorite is captioned, “Mistakes – It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others”.
In this increasingly automated world, it’s become frighteningly easy to become “that person”. The person who accidentally typed in too many zeroes in a stock trade and cost their company hundreds of millions. The person who accidentally sent a highly personal email recounting their weekend exploits to the entire company. The person who clicked on an attachment in an email and launched a ransomware attack that ultimately crippled the entire company for days.
it wasn't me
This white paper might protect you from ever being “that person”. It explains the magic behind attachments, and how Windows decides what program to launch when you click on one.
If you don’t want to serve as a warning to others, why not have a read? It’s possible for you to take control over this process and guard against a moment of carelessness. Mistakes are unavoidable, but as Ashleigh Brilliant – the author of the above quote – also said, “Not being able to do everything is no excuse for not doing everything you can”.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022