Just What is Software License Recycling?

Well, in a nutshell it’s a great way of improving IT Efficiency and reducing Software License waste. It involves identifying software licenses that are installed but not in use by a user, and removing it for use elsewhere. Sound simple? Not quite.
It’s a great idea, but in reality it’s technically quite difficult to identify software that it not in use, and there can also be the more political consideration of who currently owns the license and who needs it next!
Why is this important? Well the savings that could be available are substantial. Last year our Help Desk Efficiency report found that three-quarters of respondents have unused software on their PCs – averaging three to six applications per user. A leading industry analyst firm estimates that 22 percent of all IT spending is on software, which is $726 billion annually worldwide. Knowing that a single piece of software can cost upwards of several hundred dollars with licensing and support, these findings indicate that a significant percentage of IT software spending is currently being wasted. Not good.
1E has it’s Self Service Software Deployment solution – Shopping, which enables ultra efficient delivery of software including sophisticated approval processes. But what about the software that is already out there, languishing in the software licensing desert?
Our upcoming release of AMP will enable you to effectively manage your Software License Recycling project, and potentially save millions. Identifying unused software is a key feature of AMP and is an important start to your license recycling. Interested? Here’s a teaser video, but I can tell you that the real thing is looking quite fantastic!


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