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LIVE WEBINAR: Modern Workplace Management

Modern Workplace Management

Imagine this: coming into work, doing what you’re supposed to do, and then leaving for the day. Sounds good, right?
Snap yourself back into reality and in those two seconds where you were blissfully free of end-user requests and updates, you’re now bogged down by dozens of things that are preventing you from getting work done. Certain interruptions are expected but when one of them is that you need to upgrade to Windows 10 or you need to install a new tool, say an image editing app, to get some work done, then that’s the last thing you want to have to worry about.
What if we told you that you could live in that first scenario, focusing only on what you need to each day and not letting those unwanted disruptions get in the way? It’s possible through automation and modern workplace management.
Every enterprise has thousands of endpoints (read: the laptops or workstations they use) supporting thousands of people trying to get their work done. Keeping them up-to-date, patched, serviced, etc. requires effort and time—and most likely creates a buildup of requests for other high priority issues. It also cuts down productivity and frustrates end-users. No one wants to relinquish their device, whether it’s their smartphone or laptop, and be without it for hours (or even days) only to have it returned without all their “stuff” on it.
That’s bad enough for people that work in the office. What about those folks who work from home or are traveling? They need to be current, too. Mailing their device, waiting for you to update it, then mailing it back sounds like the worst exchange, ever.
Trust me when I say, there is a better way.

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In this webinar, MVP Tim De Keukelaere will review the challenges of managing large-scale estates of devices, Microsoft’s recent announcements around “modern management”, and AutoPilot. They will also look at how 1E’s Windows Servicing Assistant (WSA) automates Windows management tasks which reduce the load on IT and empower end-users to keep their own devices healthy and up-to-date without interfering with their work. (Read: You will empower your end-users to DIY!)
Now is the time to transition into modern workplace management. This expert can show you how.


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