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Mad for Nomad


One of 1E’s very first products, and one which enjoys enduring popularity, is Nomad, a cost effective, low-touch method for an enterprise’s IT staff to efficiently manage software deployment across the organization.
The ‘Product’ section on the Wikipedia article about 1E is good enough to give you a fair idea of what Nomad can do, saying “Nomad is a product which uses spare network bandwidth to deliver operating system upgrades, software deployments and patches.” Not the most exciting of language, but this is the technical representation of how cool lines of code can turn out to be.
From its very first incarnation Nomad was incredibly efficient in its bandwidth use whilst carrying out tasks such as delivering OS upgrades, deployments and software patches.
Generally, over time, just as you would expect a human to learn, adapt, and evolve, good software ought to be continually improving with new features and enhancements. Nomad is now over a decade old, and with every passing year it is becoming more and more advanced in terms of technology and functionality.
Nomad with its Single Site Download (SSD) feature has evolved to not disturb distribution points and the WAN when content required is already with any peer in the same site. Thanks to 1E’s first efficiency platform ActiveEfficiency, SSD also adds its uniqueness in Peer Backup Assistance (PBA) to store user backup anywhere on the site.
Nomad is continually developed to further optimize the rate at which deployments are distributed, e.g. the innovative FanOut feature overcoming operating system limitations to give a six-fold increase on the number of concurrent client machines actively receiving content. Additionally, with the introduction of PBA High Availability, Nomad has become smart enough to make multiple copies of a single user backup.
Legacy multicast, and new support for App-V content type give wings to Nomad’s existing abilities. Due to its super-software abilities, customers cannot fail to start spending less on their IT, whilst gaining more from their existing, or even reduced, infrastructure.
And that’s why 1E customers and the 1E team alike really are Mad for Nomad.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022