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I received an email the other day and even though it was a salesy thing, I held on to it for a bit – more from being shocked and appalled than the email really being valuable. The email was advertising seminars on Microsoft Licensing. These clinics last 2 full days and go over things like: how to choose the correct volume licensing plan for your project, virtualization opportunities and risks, how to spot gaps in licensing compliance, the difference in developer licensing, unique Microsoft discoverability issues, discount basis and tiers, mapping volume licensing programs to IT and financial requirements, and understanding Microsoft roadmaps.
Yes, I’ll admit, Microsoft licensing schemes have changed more times over the years than I have personally changed the oil in my car, and with each iteration they can get more and more confusing. But, do we really need a clinic to understand the rules? Has it come that far? Probably so – and I’ll tell you why. It’s just easier to sit through and listen to someone who knows how to do it than digging in to learn it yourself. It’s why most people rarely do their own taxes and why Microsoft licensing has regularly been compared to government tax codes.
But, here’s the thing. Looking through the list of key points the licensing clinic covers, I see a bright, glimmer of hope. In each of those points, our AppClarity product can actually eliminate or, at least, minimize the impact and it can do it for you – automatically.
Uniquely focused on software waste, AppClarity delivers compliance without complexity by filtering out irrelevant data to show just licensable software and organizing it by financial impact or vendor so you can quickly focus on reducing your software spend.
By making sense of what software you have, why you have it, and where and how it is being used, AppClarity allows you to make informed strategic and operational decisions. For example, setting policies to silently reclaim and reallocate licenses from one user to another if an application has not been used for a set period.
AppClarity enables your organization to make immediate reductions in software costs by analyzing all your applications and providing you with actionable results, reducing your spend within one month. By identifying the software you actually use, then automatically removing what you don’t need, AppClarity financially quantifies all unused software, across all applications and across all machines.
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