Meet Amber Marsh: 1E’s New Director of Strategic Program

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In this video we introduce our new Director of Strategic Program, Amber Marsh. She joins us to focus on the execution and elevation of the value creation plan and to ensure that, as we think about our value creation, the customer is the center and the heart of everything we do. 
Watch on to learn more about Amber’s background, her history with CEO Mark Banfield, what’s got her most excit3ed about 1E, and a shout out to her lockdown puppy, Indie!

For those of you keen to jump straight to specific questions, we’ve got you covered with these time stamps below:

  • 00:05 – Tell us a bit about yourself
  • 00:29 – What is your background?
  • 00:55 – Why did you join 1E?
  • 1:21 – What are you most excited about for 1E in 2022?
  • 2:05 – How will your role help shape customer experience?
  • 2:29 – Tell us a fun fact about yourself

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