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Microsoft Envision 2023: Bringing a Unique DEX-spective to AI

Microsoft Envision 2023

As the only Digital Employee Experience (DEX) software partner at Envision NYC, 1E will deliver an expert Q&A session Drive business growth by clearing the digital experience path with AI,” led by CEO, Mark Banfield and VP Product Marketing, Josh Thompson 

The Envision Tour offers a new forum for leaders across the globe to connect with peers who are building strategic AI and commercial cloud capabilities in collaboration with Microsoft. Senior leaders and experts can gain valuable insights into how AI can help solve business challenges and create new opportunities. 

A unique DEX-spective  

The session will focus on the intersection of DEX and AI, from our unique perspective as the leader in the enterprise DEX market. We’ll discuss how AI can make digital experiences smoother, more intuitive, and easier to manage for IT teams. 

From a user perspective, the biggest IT innovations have empowered people to get their work done—quickly, without interruption, and from anywhere. Laptops and smartphones freed employees from the office and applications provided flexibility. For IT teams, the traditional challenge of device visibility and curation has now expanded to ensuring that users are provided with the systems they need to get their jobs done while minimizing friction, frustration, poor digital experience, and ultimately staff turnover. To achieve this, IT teams need the infrastructure to support not only end-to-end visibility of user experience but also the means to remediate issues in real-time and at scale. The emergence of AI can enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and customizability of these processes. 

Think of it like this: We’re shifting our focus to catch and fix issues right when they start to bug the user, not after they’ve already become a problem. This means businesses can offer tailor-made solutions for each user, leading to happier employees and business growth. The Q&A will dive deeper into how AI can address issues relating to endpoint drift, friction, and poor user experience.  

A partnership to grow and scale DEX innovation 

Our Microsoft independent software vendor (ISV) partnership delivers positive results to customers.  According to our CEO Mark Banfield, “Microsoft’s longstanding success at enterprise and Azure’s ongoing growth as a leading cloud solution made this partnership an obvious choice. Working with Microsoft enables us to help more organizations improve their digital experience, enhance security, and create business alignment.” We’re committed to further leveraging the Microsoft Success Program’s tools and guidance to help IT teams improve end user experience, tighten security, reduce costs, and evolve IT operations through AI. 


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022