Missed 1E Academy Live at MMS? There’s more!


We, here at 1E, truly believe in making things as efficient and intelligent as possible saving time, money and effort. That’s why we came up with the 1E Academy Live. We want to share our knowledge, experiences, tips and tricks with you, the community, in order to help you make your OS migrations and deployments more efficient. It also allows you to meet up with your fellow professionals to discuss best practices and how to automate the things that should be automated.
We’re excited to announce that we have two encore 1E Academy Live events this month. This means you have another chance to join in on the experience if you were one of the unlucky ones who were unable to attend our 1E Academy Live workshop at MMS this year.
If you are attending the Oakwood System Center Rally this year in St. Louis on June 14, we will be hosting our 1E Academy Live workshop the day before the event on June 13. You can pre-register for Oakwood’s System Center Rally’s 1E Academy Live here.
If you are attending TechEd Europe this year in Madrid on June 25, as per tradition, we will be hosting our 1E Academy Live workshop the day before the event on June 24. You can pre-register for TechEd Europe’s 1E Academy Live here.
Get social and check out our pictures on our 1E facebook page of the MMS 1E Academy Live and remember to use our official 1E Academy Live hashtag: #1EAL
That’s not all…we’ve also got some more exciting news regarding 1E Academy Live coming out soon so keep watching this space!


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