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MMS 2011 Post-Interview: Brian Tucker, Solutions Engineer and Booth Presenter #mms2011 #msteched

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some interviews from various 1E people who attended MMS 2011 to get their take on the event. MMS 2011 has already been identified as probably the 2nd most popular year and best MMS since the conference started, so I think these interviews will be very interesting and helpful to understand why MMS 2011 has been rated so high.
Our interview today is with Brian Tucker from the Solutions group at 1E.
1. 1E participated as a Gold sponsor at MMS 2011 and attended as the reigning “Partner of the Year”. Why do you think these are significant?

Brian: 1E is well known in the systems management space as a leader in technology. Our “Partner of the Year” status with Microsoft underscores that fact. Our Gold sponsorship is really a reflection of our customer’s trust in us to deliver the high quality services and solutions to their enterprise environments.

2. The 1E booth at MMS 2011 was heavily trafficked. It seemed that the booth was filled to capacity for each product presentation. What makes the 1E message so special?

Brian: The message that 1E delivers is always compelling to customers in that we deliver hard savings with each of the solutions we offer. That, tied to the knowledge we bring to the table, sets us apart from any of our competitors and also helps our customers as well as those interested in our solutions look good when saving their respective companies money, as well as bringing back solutions that make their entire IT department more efficient.

3. 1E made a huge announcement around software licensing and software management at MMS 2011. Do you think this was well received?

Brian: Yes. This announcement is of paramount importance to our clients, as well as to companies that we’ve not had the pleasure of working with. Licensing and software management is key to customers, as most currently don’t know what they have on hand today. The solution we announced, AppClarity, will help customers understand not only what they have on hand, but actually what’s being used in their environment. Eliminating waste in software licensing will not only provide a savings of software purchases, but will provide our customers with reliable evidence of actual use when it comes to negotiation of license renewal agreements.

4. 1E continued to hammer this “IT Efficiency” thing at MMS 2011. How is this different than just managing power states in an enterprise?

Brian: IT Efficiency crosses the power management line in several ways. We look to empower end users to be able to self-service their software and OS needs. Also, there’s the efficiencies gained by reduction in the size of infrastructure to perform the same tasks around software and patch deployment with greater results. When looking at the entire suite of tools that 1E provides, technologists are able to realize the efficiencies go much further than just managing power states, it extends to the software distribution model, as well as the helpdesk call volume.

5. There were quite a number of big companies that actually presented during 1E’s “Heroes of Systems Management” session at MMS 2011. The companies represented seemed really to “get” the 1E message. Can you give an explanation of why you think these companies are so in tune with 1E?

Brian: These companies have streamlined their IT Operations, and have not only embraced 1E, but have also realized the hard dollar savings that 1E solutions provide.

6. 1E consistently talks about “Sunshine”. Can you tell us what that means to you from a MMS 2011 perspective?

Brian: At MMS 2011, part of our job was to “spread the Sunshine”. We like to treat our customers well, and we love to spend time with them. MMS 2011 provided just the avenue to help us not only spread the sunshine with our current clients, but also allow us to introduce that Sunshine to clients that may not be as familiar with us. By doing this, they see that we’re a company filled with people that truly believe that what we’re doing is the right thing, and that we honestly have fun doing it!

7. The 1E party at MMS 2011 was a phenomenal success (as always). Why do you think it is always such a success and what is so important about the party?

Brian: This party has been considered “The Holy Grail” of MMS parties that companies host for clients. It is so much so, it’s considered the most “exclusive” event at MMS. The reason that I believe it’s such a success is that our customers love to spend time with us, and we love spending time with them. We entertain our customers as a way to say “Thank you for believing in us” on that Wednesday night at MMS. This year’s party was a true success with record attendance at the party, and everyone I walked up to was extremely thankful that we would do this for them. This is part of the “Sunshine” we spread , and a way to give back to our customers.

8. What was your favorite MMS 2011 moment?

Brian: My favorite MMS 2011 moment is the entire week. I look forward to renewing relationships with my colleagues in industry, as well as meeting new people. I also get pumped about sharing what 1E is doing and how we benefit our customers. By managing the booth presentations for 1E, I get specific insight into many customer’s needs and have the opportunity to act as an “outsider looking in” to their environment to explain how our solutions can help them increase the efficiency of their job, so they can do more with what they have today, and make themselves more valuable to their employers.

9. What are you most looking forward to for MMS 2012?

Brian: Just like MMS 2011, I look to renew those relationships over the past year, as well as continue to share the “Sunshine” with all that go to MMS. I’m interested in the release of CM2012 (v.Next), and what that offers, as well as being very excited about how 1E will continue to demonstrate market leadership with the new solutions that we offer, as well as the solutions that we’ve had around for a long time.

10. I understand that 1E will be participating in TechEd 2011 in Atlanta this year, and that this is the first year 1E will be on hand at this event. What can attendees expect to see from 1E at TechEd 2011?

Brian: During this inaugural year at Tech Ed USA, 1E will continue to share the Sunshine we talk about so much to areas of business where we may not be able to reach with MMS. By participating in Tech Ed, we’ll be bringing the IT Efficiency message to a wider audience, and our hope is to garner the interest of othe r departments that can also benefit from the efficiencies that 1E provides. Come see us in booth #1728!



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