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Modern Management Monday: What’s watching the watcher?

Modern Management Monday

Part 1 of the series talked about ConfigMgr coming into the Modern Management umbrella as MEMCM (or Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager). Most large organizations are going to have some version of the “Co-management” scenario with Endpoint Manager (Intune) and MEMCM sharing responsibilities for years to come. This was a really sensible compromise on the part of Microsoft, as many IT teams are hugely invested in the rich configurability of ConfigMgr and its power, especially around software deployments.
As any seasoned ConfigMgr veteran will tell you, client health is the key to maintaining 100% visibility and control. Clearly, if you’re only able to manage 90% of your laptops, then 100% success is really 100% of 90%. One of the chief reasons for the fragility of the client is not about ConfigMgr itself, but the Windows device that it’s sat on—or, more accurately, the manageability layer: WMI. Furthermore, there’s myriad other minor things that can prevent the agent from functioning properly or even starting up, none of which are necessarily to do with any failing in the MEMCM infrastructure.
One of our large enterprise clients recently told us that they have 10,000 broken clients (around 10%) that they find and fix each week. The impact of this would have potentially been a huge security blackspot, a compliance blind spot and an inability to service user requests for software. Fortunately, the context of the conversation was how they were able to autonomically remediate these broken clients using our Tachyon Client Health capability. Because we think that maintaining manageability of endpoints is so fundamental to Modern Management (or, for that matter, Endpoint Management generally), we bundle it in with multiple products. If you have access to either 1E Tachyon or 1E Nomad on the 1E Platform then you have access to this useful safeguard.

Modern Management Client Health with Nomad on the 1E Platform

For customers who are on the latest version of Nomad and have it connected to the 1E Platform, there are three areas of client health check:

  • ConfigMgr Client Health:Real-time monitoring to ensure the CM client is installed, running and assigned to the correct site, it is communicating with the MP and supporting services are running and WMI is healthy. It offers real-time remediation for many client issues.
  • Windows Client Health:Checks for application crashes, free disk space and WMI repository health.
  • Nomad Client Health:Real-time monitoring to ensure Nomad is running, can communicate through the firewall and is correctly registered with the CM client. Its cache share is fully accessible.

If you would like to know more about this, watch our recent webinar.

Modern Management Compliance with Nomad on the 1E Platform

Customers of Tachyon have everything that’s included in the Nomad client health offering, but have access to Tachyon Guaranteed State, which is an endpoint compliance solution, able to run checks on any aspects of client health that are specific to your organization or line of business applications.
If you’d like to find out more about how we can help with your Modern Management journey, get in touch.


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