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MVP Monday: What to expect in 2018

MVP Monday: Gearing up for MMS

As you saw in last week’s Part 1 of this interview series, MVPs Brian Mason, Kim Oppalfens, Kenny Buntinx, and Peter Daalmans shared their advice on how to prepare for the conference, whether you’re brand new to the community or have attended the show for years.
This week we’re taking a closer look at the changes that have emerged in tech over the last year.  We’ve gone through major ransomware attacks, announcements about Windows, and seen the 25th anniversary of Configuration Manager. With all these significant benchmarks in such a short period of time, the effects have been interesting, to say the least.
Let these MVPs give you their expert opinions about what’s to come in 2018 and what people will be focusing on, especially at MMS.
Question: What do you consider to be the most significant change in tech over the last year? What are the hot topics this year?
BM: Windows 10 is forcing everyone to change faster—which pushes the need for cloud services like Windows Analytics.
Configuration Manager moving to the cloud is probably the most important change in our field. The 1802 build supporting Windows 10 feature updates over the internet is an important evolutionary step.
Windows 10 modern management and the security landscape that is rapidly changing. We need to think differently in terms of protecting the users, while not blocking them from doing their work in an efficient way.
In Europe, modern management of Windows 10 is taking off. Flipping the Switch will be hot!
Question:  What are three problems you think people attending this year’s MMS will be seeking solutions for?
BM: 1) How to connect to cloud services 2) How to manage Win10 upgrades and 3) How to customize the new features within Windows 10.
Hard to say as people typically search for solutions to different problems that keep them busy at work. I’d hope Windows 10 Security is a prime focus for most as it becomes a central theme in everything we do. A recurring theme the last couple of years is OS deployment which I guess nowadays includes Windows as a Service topic. Three largely depends on people’s personal preference, but building SQL knowledge, start or upgrade your reporting skill, or do something similar for PowerShell is a popular recurring theme. And if people want to learn about core elements, they’re invited to join me and my co-presenter, Tom Degreef, at our sessions about inboxes, and the WMI topic deep-dive.
1) How to move on-premise workloads into the cloud 2) How to be current and stay current in a cloud-connected world and 3) How to protect my end-users from the cloud-connected always-on world
1) Companies are struggling securing their mobile devices and mobile data. 2) 2020 is getting there rapidly! How to get off Windows 7? And 3) How to transition to modern management?
Question:  What challenges are you seeking to clarify for yourself this year?
KO: I definitely want to learn more about Configuration Manager’s new High-Availability feature. We’ve been asking for full high availability for over a decade. And it looks like we’ll finally get it this year, so I am quite excited about that. It kind of helps that I have a customer that can’t wait to implement this functionality. So, you can expect to see me sit in on sessions around that.
KB:  I am looking into finding the answer on how I could convince the certain LOB to move to a modern workplace scenario and how to conquer all the roadblocks that could arrive.
PD: Further securing the identity and the data is key.


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