#1EMVPchat Twitter Party Recap

#1EMVPchat Twitter Party Recap

Whenever you throw a party and invite tons of people, you never know who exactly will show up— or what will happen for that matter.
As was the case this Monday when we threw our first ever 1E Twitter Party. If you didn’t have a chance to join in, you can go to Twitter and use the hashtag #1EMVPchat to read the transcript of the questions and comments.
Themed as an MVP event, we encouraged our community to engage with five of the biggest brains in the industry– Johan Arwidmark, Brian Mason, Greg Ramsey, Jason Sandys, and Kent Agerlund.
Chances are, you’ve definitely seen or heard about these guys in some capacity or another. They are authors, conference speakers, and industry leaders. (In case you missed what a Twitter Party is, it’s really what it sounds like: an online event for people to get together and chat, network, and win prizes. Fun, right?)
It was an overwhelming success as our community came together and asked questions, picked the minds of our experts, and had a chance to get to know each other a little better. Based on the quick poll we did following the event, it’s clear our audience is looking for more MVP Twitter Parties. (If you’re an MVP, please get in touch!)

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Because there was so much activity, some important questions went unanswered and we wanted to clarify some things. Thanks to Ron Crumbaker and Shaun Cassells (both MVPs) for their input:
Question: What is your preferred customization of software center that you always try to implement at your customers and why?
Answer: I never spent much time customizing Software Center…because there were more pressing things I wanted to get done. I ensure I change the “more information” link to Shopping or something that can help end users.
Question: How much app content are you doing as you service the OS? Do you have categories like Business Critical, etc?
Answer: I try to keep the applications as bespoke as possible.  Very few core applications beyond security agents.  Everything else is dynamic based on what the user was using not just what was installed.
Question: What is the best memory from any MMS conference?
Answer: It reminds me some of the original MMS, and how amazing that conference was! Being surrounded by 1000s of people striving to do our best and not seeing the sky while in Vegas for a full week.  Also, anyone remember the creepy clowns at a Vegas closing party? Really, the networking, the activity— it’s definitely worth the trip!
Question: What is the best use case of CI/CB with remediation you’ve done?
Answer: Baselines.  To set standards and keep standards.
Question: Recommendations/best practices/things to be aware of when using LAPS?
Answer: LAPS is going to be highly critical but Microsoft is EOL an older tool.
Question: What about Modern Win10 Management for the remote user? Is a Cloud management gateway the only real answer or is IBCM still in play?
Answer: IBCM is still here today.  If you have your PKI setup and configured no rush to change yet.  However, if you are setting it up for the first time Cloud Management should be your primary investigation. <shakes crystal ball> IBCM will be deprecated when Cloud Management Gateway goes main stream.  Still no OSD on IBCM nor CMG
If we missed one of your questions, you can still ask us on Twitter by tweeting to us @1E_Global and using the hashtag #1EMVPchat.
Stay tuned for more great MVP content!


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