Need help with your System Center planning and implementation? How Stan-the-Man Lee would do it

Admit it. Digging straight into a System Center product like Configuration Manager 2007 on your first day is a bit overwhelming. I regularly see posts on Twitter and in communities from folks who have been “handed” the responsibility to plan, install, and manage these complex products, and they are throwing their hands up the first day.
Stan Lee Who was it that said: “With great power, comes great responsibility”? Oh yeah, it was Uncle Ben in Spider-man – but originally concocted by one of my heroes (and should be yours), Stan Lee. Who knew that Stan-the-Man was the forerunner of System Center?
So, being handed this hugely useful, hugely important, and now horribly critical piece of software to roll out in your Enterprise, you may be thinking that you need help. You might half think about asking Stan Lee to create your own System Center superhero or pray for an overnight mutation brought on by toxic sludge that develops your own super powers. If only your brain worked as fast as your itchy mouse clicker finger.
Never fear, true believers! 1E can help!
Did you know that 1E services has the smartest, most knowledgeable, and all powerful System Center superhero staff of any services organization? Our services abilities are legendary.
We just released some cosmically good documents about our Systems Management services. Sift through these and see for yourself.


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