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NightWatchman – Cloud power data sync

1E-NightWatchman- 8211 -Cloud-Power-Data-Sync

The standard client hardware refresh cycle is an on-going and difficult process adopted by businesses all over the world, and as part of that process, ensuring that the latest power consumption figures exist for every recently purchased PC or Laptop is a lengthy and time consuming process for any end-point management team to maintain.
1E has always maintained a comprehensive database of all the OEM Manufacturer hardware power consumptions, allowing customers to accurately calculate energy usage, CO2 emissions, and savings for their enterprise, no matter what hardware models are deployed amongst their employees. Previously the method for obtaining the power consumption for a new model was done manually by injecting the relevant values into the NightWatchman database using a SQL script generated by 1E Global Support. This would have to be done each time a new hardware model was discovered or added by the business.
NightWatchman Enterprise v7 includes a new intelligent 1E Cloud synchronisation tool which enables the dynamic updating of hardware power consumption data with 1E’s extensive hardware power catalog. Synchronisation with the cloud-based power data catalog ensures any new make and model of machine entering the organization is rapidly and automatically identified and their details are updated to ensure NightWatchman is always reporting as accurately as possible.
For further information on NightWatchman, the global leader in PC Power Management, please visit the NightWatchman Product Page at, or request a trial today.


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