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Nomad – A truly serverless solution

Nomad- 8211 -A-Truly-Serverless-Solution

Being adept in content distribution for SCCM, we at 1E are often asked about Nomad and it’s consummate integration with SCCM; and that without the need of any additional server infrastructure. Yes! It is a serverless solution and works without any padding Admin consoles and hence lesser administration. The installers are intelligent and perceptive, and integrate with SCCM without any human intervention. Once the Nomad installers for SCCM integration are installed, Nomad can easily be enabled and configured from within the SCCM console itself.
Nomad can be set as a download provider via the Properties page for Packages, Task Sequences, Driver Packages, Operating System Images, and Boot images from the Properties page. Nomad can not only be enabled for existing content but also for the new content from the New Wizard for each of these. Nomad features like Local Multicast support, Workrate, Status Messages, and Job Priority can be configured for both Application management and OSD content.
This integration also enables Nomad to be used within WinPE during Operating System deployments and help automate the OSD tasks enabling advanced automation of OSD processes, user data backup/restore, and enable complete Nomad functionality even in WinPE.
Custom task sequence actions get added to existing SCCM task sequence actions which further enhance the OSD process. Content like Packages, Operating System images can be pre-staged that can be used during OSD process, Nomad cache can be saved prior to migrating the Operating system and be restored post migration, User data can be saved on multiple machines and ensure that user data never gets lost during OS migrations.
And of course, these installers are not only supported on a Site server system, but work perfectly well with machines which just have the SCCM console, again not requiring any extra admin consoles.
All this and much more, without any additional servers added into the existing infrastructure. That’s truly a serverless solution.


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The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022