Nomad Enterprise eliminates the need for costly WAN Optimization device upgrades

1E’s Nomad Enterprise bandwidth management solution was recently selected and implemented by a couple notable and sizeable customers to address limitations they experienced when deploying Windows 7 OS images and standard software distribution packages via existing WAN Optimization infrastructure.
The dilemma primarily centered around the fact that WAN Optimization devices are priced/purchased relative to their disk capacity. Our customers purchased 75GB models, but the combined total size of all their package and OS images was around 50GB. That only left 25GB available for all other content namely SharePoint, File/Print, Email, Video Content etc. The problem encountered was not being able to determine and have the assurance that all package content needed during OSD or standard software distribution was already cached at the WAN Optimization device. Furthermore, it was also unreliable and there were issues around manageability in that there was no real control over the content caching process. Each customer had to greatly depend on their internal Network teams to manage the whole process because they “owned” the devices.
Our customers were faced with the option of upgrading their WAN Optimization device with additional disk space at a considerable cost instead they chose to purchase the Nomad Enterprise solution at a fraction of the cost and avoided any purchase, implementation and configuration of expensive hardware. They now also have greater control over their content caching process.
Nomad Enterprise securely delivers operating system upgrades, software deployments and patches to thousands of PCs, servers and sites over your existing infrastructure without disruption. Nomad is a serverless solution which dynamically controls bandwidth throttling and only ever makes use of available bandwidth, it thus does not need to queue and cache content like WAN Optimization devices do in order to manage bandwidth. This removes the need for branch servers or desk side visits and limits the need for any costly WAN Optimization device upgrades – reducing your existing server footprint and administrative overhead.


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