Nomad Enterprise – Tried & Tested

Market leader, Nomad Enterprise, part of an IT Efficiency suite from 1E, already installed across more than 3.5 million PCs worldwide, continues to go from strength to strength – this year alone we’ve won more than 60 deals at some of the largest corporations across the globe. They have bought into this mature, yet simplified systems management solution which revolutionizes software and OS deployments.
Developed more than eight years ago, Nomad Enterprise is unrivalled in this space. Today it is running successfully in some of the world’s biggest institutions, these include HSBC, AT&T and Verizon Wireless to mention but a few. Parker Hannifin is on record showing that since deploying Nomad, it has eliminated more than 450 servers, saving $2m in the first year alone. Saint Gobain saw a 30-fold reduction in server investment than originally foreseen when they were installing ConfigMgr. Verizon Wireless saw similar success with savings of $9m per year and reduced OS deployment times of 80%.
This highly efficient solution distributes, updates and manages software with a very high level of reliability and security. It easily manages large computer estates, proof of which is found at some of our very large customers, many of whom have between 100,000 to 400,000 seats. This ability to scale is important for large organizations which had previously suffered bandwidth constraints that hampered the flow of everyday business data when initiating software deployments, patches or OS upgrades. Cost avoidance and reduction are also extremely important considerations, to date, we have saved our customers more than $500million in infrastructure investment because Nomad Enterprise removes the need for branch servers or desk side visits thereby reducing existing server footprint and administrative overhead.
Our continuous investment in research and development combined with our proactive collaboration with our customers has resulted in today’s robust and stable solution. The enhancements in the latest version of Nomad Enterprise has further increased the lead that it has over its rivals. Furthermore our customers are serviced by an experienced support and services team whose expertise makes the implementation of Nomad a smooth ride.


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