Pareto’s Law doesn’t have to rule over your Windows servicing

Pareto’s Law doesn’t have to rule over your Windows servicing

You’ve heard it before, “80% of your effort will only yield 20% results”, according to Pareto’s fated law.

When we spoke to Gartner about this, they confirmed the 80-20 rule is particularly relevant regarding businesses and their ongoing Windows 10 migrations right now. You’re left with small outcomes and a whole lot of consequence.
So why are so many people struggling with the last leg of their Windows servicing? And how much of your Windows project do you have left to complete?
A few issues that people are struggling with include the sheer amount of volume of remote and home workers. Because so many endpoints exist outside of the corporate network, it makes updating and migrating increasingly difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve already thought of that. Our Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) is the only solution able to automate your entire Windows 10 migration, and that includes all your remote endpoints, too. Watch this demo how home and internet-based workers can perform their own migrations without the need of assistance from your IT teams:

Another aspect to consider is content distribution.

When you’re updating an OS, you’re sending large amounts of content across the network. This can clog the lines, slow down the updates, and cause overall frustration with everyone involved. Because WSS includes Nomad, our peer-to-peer technology, the need for servers in remote locations is eliminated. Watch how Nomad solves this issue quickly and efficiently:

Now. We know what you’re thinking.

You don’t have the budget to implement a new tool before the end of the year. However, consider this: The cost savings you will make through automating these complex tasks will more than fund the outlay. With the introduction of Windows 10, you will be faced with at least 2 upgrades per year. The automation delivered by 1E tools will future proof you against this effort also. Get in touch today to learn how you can boost productivity and finish out your Windows 10 migration strong, sans the headache.


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