Presidential State of the Union address: so what does it mean to 1E?

Energy efficiency is a key pillar in President Obama’s vision for ‘an economy built to last’. The easiest way to save money is to waste less energy. We hear that loud and clear!
The bipartisan Shaheen-Portman bill – already with U.S. Congress for approval – would increase energy efficiency across the U.S. economy by strengthening building energy codes, providing financing options for manufacturers and requiring the federal government to improve its energy management. Along with our friends at the Alliance to Save Energy, we urge Congress to pass it.
The renewed focus on energy efficiency is welcome news to us here at 1E. Our clear leadership in the PC power management space was highlighted again in recent days by independent analyst house Ovum. Equally, we are known for our award-winning work in the server efficiency space and leadership with our unique workload-approach to data center energy management. Because of this, we know, that there are many options – ‘low hanging fruit’, if you will – available to businesses today which are proven to reduce carbon emissions. Take office equipment for example. With PCs and servers accounting for 50% of office energy consumption, the potential savings are huge. There are measures that can be made to reduce C02 here:
On average one sixth (15%) of servers are not doing any useful work
· Reining in of non-productive servers produces $3.8 billion in energy cost savings alone
· 11.8 million tons of CO2 is wasted each year by servers not doing anything useful – the same amount produced by 2.1 million cars
50% of PCs are not shut down on weekday evenings and weekends – wasting £25 per PC per year
· There are approximately 1 billion PCs in the world – rising to 2 billion by 2014
· A one night shut down of the world’s PCs would save enough energy to power the Empire State Building for 30 years
There are clear calls to action here. It’s time to find those unused servers and those sleepless PCs and take back the associated energy costs. Sophisticated reporting built-in to industry leading solutions such as NightWatchman® and NightWatchman® Server Edition can be used to provide organizations with accurate, detailed information on energy consumption, cost, productivity and COemissions from PCs and servers. All of the organizations that have worked with us to become more energy efficient have cumulatively saved in excess of $800 million and collectively cut CO2 emissions by 6.4 million tons.
By looking at the energy use of your PCs and servers and taking steps to reduce waste, you’re also taking a first step towards greater IT Efficiency. What’s not to like?


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