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Intelligent Sentiment: Revolutionizing Digital Experience with AI at the Edge.

Digital workspaces are rapidly evolving, and with this evolution comes the need for an intuitive understanding of user experiences. Intelligent Sentiment emerges as a game-changing technology. It addresses the challenges of digital employee experience (DEX) management head-on by harnessing the power of predictive analysis.

Elevating user experience at the edge

Intelligent Sentiment functions as a user-centric Digital Twin, operating at the edge to detect device friction and user frustration in real-time. This innovative approach places the user experience at the forefront, allowing for immediate processing and analysis without reliance on network connectivity.

Intelligent sentiment architecture

Rule-based anomalies are identified by aggregating metrics related to performance, stability, and responsiveness from the 1E Client. User sentiment is then assessed using Intelligent Sentiment’s prediction engine within the 1E Client, analyzing these anomalies against thousands of data points to gauge the user experience. This results in an autonomously generated sentiment score for each user.

The data then flows through a real-time communication pipeline, transporting it to the cloud. Through Topic Modeling common themes within the metrics influencing the sentiment score are identified.

The data makes its way to the 1E Intelligence repository for training to update the Intelligent Sentiment prediction engine. Intelligent Sentiment data is then placed into an API to be fed from the repository into a web interface, which showcases sentiment scores and details. Here, IT professionals review both overall sentiment trends and individual user sentiment.

A new perspective in decision-making

By bringing the user’s needs into clearer focus, Intelligent Sentiment provides IT teams with insights that were previously obscured by slow response rates and low accuracy. Visibility like this allows for better insight to make informed decisions. This technology grants IT the power to optimize operations and deliver frictionless digital experiences by prioritizing the user’s perspective in the decision-making process.

Key Benefits

  • Predictive Sentiment: Intelligent Sentiment predicts user sentiment in real-time, swiftly identifying user frustrations and preempting potential issues.
  • Edge-Based Intelligence: Offers immediate on-device data processing, leading to ultra-low latency in managing user experiences and consistent performance even in offline scenarios.
  • Identification of Hidden Issues: detects discrepancies between user sentiment and telemetry data, illuminating issues not apparent through traditional data analysis.
  • Elimination of Friction and Improved Device Performance: By identifying and resolving underlying issues, it provides a high-performing digital workspace.
  • Personalized Experience at the Edge: tailors the user experience to individual preferences, enhancing satisfaction and productivity.
  • Real-Time Operational Intelligence: Maintains operational excellence by analyzing data where it originates, ensuring real-time operational intelligence.

Intelligent Sentiment marks a significant stride towards a more empathetic and user-focused IT approach. By prioritizing real-time analysis and predictive capabilities, it simplifies the complexities of digital operations and fosters a workspace that’s both responsive and attuned to nuanced user requirements. The future of IT is here, and it is empathetic, efficient, and driven by Intelligent Sentiment.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022