Fingerprint ID is no longer safe

Fingerprint ID is no longer safe

You think that your fingerprint is a pretty safe way to store your passwords and precious information, right? I mean, no one else has your fingerprint. But guess what? Newer and more sophisticated malware is coming out of experienced and (I hate to admit it) talented hackers who can now manipulate the fingerprint feature.
Malware is essentially a worm that can travel through your IT estate, from one computer to the next, wreaking havoc on your system. Typically it happens so quickly that the user never even knows where it started or how. As we saw with WannaCry and how it’s affected the NHS (hospitals in the UK are still experiencing problems), knowing how to protect yourself has become an increasingly important issue.

Our VP of Product, Stuart Okin, was seen on CNBC Nightly Report discussing the WannaCry issue:

Stuart said, “It is going to get worse before it gets better because we’ve become more reliant [on technology]… More sophisticated attacks will be harder to prevent.”
Read more about WannaCry, the fingerprint security feature crisis, and more on Do yourself and your business a favor: get updated. You can also learn how to battle malware with 1E product packs available here.


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