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Configuration Manager 2012 Application deployment methodology best practice


In the spirit of 1E’s dedication to being a strong advocate of the Configuration Manager community, here is something for all of you currently either digging through your Configuration Manager 2012 upgrade or planning to do so: SCCM 2012 Application Deployment Methodology Best Practice. This best practice white paper will come in handy when looking to leverage Application Management and adapting that to reliable/repeatable operational process.
With Configuration Manager 2012 came the birth of Applications aside from legacy Package/Program and with it, a significant change in how IT organizations manage their managed application catalog. Applications are now more of the focus when addressing the needs of software distribution rather than Configuration Manager being a vehicle for sending a “configuration” to a target device.
So now that we know this, there is a paradigm change to be addressed. Where once the Configuration Manager toolkit provided a set number of reliable avenues for targeting software to devices (and many many avenues which we all used but regretted), we now get Application Management which goes so much further than 2007 did, but, with all these new shiny features, we have a bit of room to get lost. New features and functionality are often like a loaded gun and Applications in CM are no different; let this document help you point this new weapon it in a valuable direction.
This approach has been devised though personal experience with Application Management in 2012 and engaging many other Configuration Manager administrators who are regularly challenged by the business to deliver IT value in a way which meets with demand. This is not the only way to handle deployment and availability within Application Management but is thus far best practice when looking to ensure Applications are properly provisioned with the entire software life-cycle in mind.
You can grab a copy of the white paper here. Take a look and let us know what you think!
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