ServiceNow and 1E on the future of the digital workplace

ServiceNow and 1E on the future of the digital workplace

When everyone got pushed out of the office doors, IT teams had a pretty difficult job. What was once the ordinary became the past almost overnight and IT teams had to figure out how to support a dizzyingly large number of remote employees in a matter of days. As if that wasn’t enough, COVID turned the digital transformational marathon into a sprint, added a whole new dimension to the term ‘employee experience’ and fueled a new wave of opportunistic security threats.
What impact has this had–and will this continue to have—on organizations’ IT teams during the pandemic?
To answer this question, we asked Damien Davis, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow and Sumir Karayi, CEO and founder of 1E, to reflect on the learnings of 2020 and what that means for the future of the digital workplace. They discuss how businesses have been coping during the pandemic, what the digital workplace will look like and what IT must do to support it, and how 1E and ServiceNow can help. All of which is packed into a 15-minute video for you to enjoy during your next coffee break so take a look…


All hail the rise of the work from anywhere enterprise!

Looking back is also about seeing the future more clearly. To understand where we’ve come from, we’ll see more clearly where we want to go. Our musings over the state of the digital workplace in 2020 has opened our eyes to what is possible in years beyond now.
One thing is clear: our definition of the digital workplace is already changing. It won’t be a case of “I work remotely” or “I go into the office” anymore. No, the digital workplace can’t be as binary as that because it doesn’t reflect the world we live in. Instead, the digital workplace will be everywhere and anywhere the employee is—and that requires a completely new way of thinking and new infrastructure capabilities.
The work from anywhere enterprise is new to us all, but we’re here to make it a little clearer for you. That’s why this year we’re hosting the industry’s first virtual Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conference.
We’re bringing together leaders in endpoint management, ITSM, and digital experience monitoring over two days to discuss what it means for your IT infrastructure—and for your employees. What you get is the biggest and best minds in the business working together to figure out the next steps in the future of work. We’ve not got all the answers—no one has right now. But we have a platform with experts we want to share with you, ready to help define the new digital workplace.
ServiceNow will be one of many industry-leading organizations ready to share with you how to prepare for the emergence of the WFA enterprise. Take a look at the agenda at for a list of all speakers and sessions.
The conference will be held on July 29 and 30. Only a few limited tickets remain so grab yours now.
Work From Anywhere Enterprise Conference 2020


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