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How ServiceNow and 1E are partnering to deliver a self-service IT experience to employees WFH

How ServiceNow and 1E are partnering to deliver a self-service IT experience to employees WFH

In a remote-first world, a self-service IT experience fuels digital autonomy among employees and reduces their dependency on centralized IT, so they can work from home with confidence using the best performing technology. That’s why our offer to all ServiceNow ITSM Pro customers is that you can use the 1E Virtual Agent completely for free for the first six months. 1E will also provide technical support during this time at no cost to you. This is part of ServiceNow’s “customer care plan” to help organizations manage their emergency response programs in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Navigating a remote-first world

Your employees rely on technology even more when they’re working remotely. It’s their main connection to their peers and where they produce their highest value. And now that we’ve made remote working a thing of the present, many of us want it to remain. And that’s not just employees talking, but business leaders too. In fact, 74% of CFOs intend to shift 5% of employees to permanently remote positions.
This places greater importance on IT infrastructure evolution to supports employees inside and outside the office walls. Limiting digital disruptions is a business imperative because it impacts employee engagement and productivity. But when employees are remote, resolving their IT issues becomes more complex if the IT infrastructure doesn’t scale to support remote workers.
The secret to delivering a great remote employee experience is fostering digital autonomy by decreasing employees’ reliance on central IT. One way to do this is by augmenting your IT infrastructure with front-facing self-service tools. That’s where chatbots come into play.

The value of providing a self-service IT experience to your remote workforce

Chatbots that are built for the modern workforce rely on intelligent automation to proactively fix a problem once it’s identified. They’re intuitive and simple for employees to navigate, because they mirror employees’ personal technology experiences as consumers and rely on natural language to understand the problem.
Unfortunately, traditional chatbots are severely limited in their functionality. Employees have become accustomed to using a chatbot for what’s known as “page pushing”. Being pushed by chatbot interface toward a knowledgebase article that employees then use to manually resolve their issue. Sometimes, it’s just easier to wait for a service desk agent to become available to fix the issue.
But here’s the thing: Chatbots are a key component of operating in a remote-first world. By decreasing reliance on centralized IT to fix common issues, employees feel in control of their technology knowing they can easily fix an issue themselves. Chatbots encourage remote employees to be independent and confident digital employees and, as a result, more engaged. And that better engagement leads to more valuable output for the business, irrespective of where the employee is working.
That’s why we built the 1E Virtual Agent…

What is the 1E Virtual Agent?

The 1E Virtual Agent augments the ServiceNow Virtual Agent with end-to-end task automation. If the employee inputs a request that has an automated fix, the 1E Virtual Agent can proactively resolve the issue on the user’s device without the need to open a service desk ticket. It’s a faster, simpler way for employees to resolve common issues without the need to escalate to a human agent.
The 1E Virtual Agent is powered by 1E’s endpoint management solution, Tachyon, so it can troubleshoot and remediate issues in real-time, deflecting 40% of service desk tickets.
Common issues resolved by the Virtual Agent include:

  • Outlook issues
  • Add a printer
  • Skype (Microsoft recovery assistant)
  • Upgrade Windows/OS
  • Enable RDP
  • Connect VPN
  • Office (Microsoft recovery assistant)
  • Fix a slow-running computer
  • Free up disk space
  • Enable USB
  • Enable Audio

The Virtual Agent makes it easy for employees to get the answers they want, when they need them most, to deliver a great employee experience.

ServiceNow and 1E: Better Together

Employees deserve the best technology and great service experiences. Together, ServiceNow and 1E help deliver creative, employee-focused innovation in ITSM that delights employees, increases IT and employee productivity, and transforms the business.
Sumir Karayi, 1E’s CEO and founder, puts it best: “ServiceNow and 1E are better together, because together we can support organizations now and in future by helping IT cultivate great employee experiences. That’s why we are offering the Virtual Agent and support services for free.”
If you are interested in a demo of the 1E Virtual Agent or want to learn more about the offer, please get in touch with a 1E expert.


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