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ServiceNow Knowledge 21: A Recap

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Over the last year, we’ve faced many workplace challenges that had to be tackled one workflow at a time. New demands on technology have led to innovation and creativity, and workflow has rapidly risen to become the hero of the modern enterprise. But with a year focused on building that digital bridge to the future under our belts, it’s the perfect time to really focus on the workflow revolution. After all, to quote ServiceNow CEO, Bill McDermott, “the world’s counting on us to make the world of work, work better”.

Knowledge 21

For those of you that haven’t attended before, Knowledge is a place where the ServiceNow community can experience the power of the workflow. A range of ServiceNow customers, partners, and sponsors came together over the course of 10 days (10th – 20th May) for interactive sessions, industry experts and workflow insights.
This year, the events key theme was “workflow your world and overcome any challenge” and content revolved around exploring the endless possibilities of workflow to transform your business.
In today’s environment, both employees and customers need to be not only agile, but competitive too. Regardless of industry focus, organizations are operating in digital spaces more so than ever before, and expectations for a seamless digital experience has never been higher. “Each group [in the workforce] has different expectations of technology and the way it operates… companies are trying to figure out the best way to deliver software in this world of uncertainty” explained ServiceNow’s SVP IT Workflow Products, Pablo Stern in his keynote. The session explored transforming your organization to align teams to deliver innovation quickly, monitor the development pipeline, proactively resolve problems, predict issues with AI, and automate resolutions.

Key Themes

Some key themes that were prevalent at Knowledge 21 included:

  • Automating and optimizing IT and Service Operations
  • Aligning technology investments to business priorities
  • Predicting and preventing issues and automated resolutions
  • Managing risk and resilience in real-time
  • The reduction of hardware, software, and cloud costs

Driving Digital Employee Experience

Whilst there were many important themes raised over the course of Knowledge 21, driving a great digital employee experience was key. For businesses to deliver successful outcomes in the modern workplace, we need to move past old approaches and legacy systems. Organizations must have a resilient support strategy, whilst ensuring end-users have a seamless digital experience.
In their session on end user device workflows, 1E’s Principal Solutions Expert, Shaun Cassells, and Customer Success Manager, Khushboo Jamal, dove into this a little deeper.
Large organizations see automation as a top strategic priority post-COVID to support hybrid working in the long term. It’s no wonder given the challenges experienced over the last year in managing employee experiences.
1E endpoint automation for ServiceNow ITSM removes friction from everyday work by simplifying workflows, enabling employees to get what they need when they need it. It empowers service desk analysts to work proactively to improve digital experiences.
To learn more, watch the full session below:

Keen to learn more about what 1E Tachyon can do to enable your journey in the workflow revolution? Check out this infographic that explores Tachyon by the numbers based on a recent experience of one of our implementation partners.


The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022

The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022