IT Automation (1E Tachyon + ServiceNow)

IT Automation (1E Tachyon + ServiceNow)

Organizations are seeing significant and tangible benefits from the digital transformation efforts today. This rapid push forward has set a high standard, one that forces business to excel at rates faster than ever before. The need to succeed directly affects an organization’s survival.
As organizations embrace digital transformation through IT, such as IoT, big data, the cloud, and mobility, SecOps teams’ focus needs to shift from just securing network perimeters to zeroing in on fast detection, safeguarding data spread across systems, devices, and the cloud.
IT happens to be the core engine driving digital transformation. Organizations strive to prevent security breaches, but if they do happen, a proactive detection and a quick remediation are critical to reducing the impact. Organizations need a mechanism for issue/ vulnerability detection and a way to respond. This is where 1E Tachyon changes the game.
The industry calls for an integrated solution to Detect, Identify, Prioritize, and Respond to Threats. Some organizations are already using tools for monitoring and detection purposes. Post-detection of the vulnerability, break down, and surety attack, an accurate response is a must. Detection without remediation doesn’t make sense.
Digital transformation demands rock-solid planning and implementation of an automated detection and response system. This  system should ensure IT threats are detected and responded to in real-time
Two important components to deliver end to end solution are 1) ITSM platform and 2) EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)
ITSM address processes, people, and technologies that work towards a Business defined SLA. ITSM based platforms/tools refer to a series of actions to design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT) services offered to customers. ServiceNow is a leading platform for ITSM, the platform achieves end-to-end transformation for IT services and infrastructure through a single cloud-based platform.
EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions offer continuous monitoring and response to advanced security threats. There are many EDR tools available and only a few are already established ones. These EDR solutions are making big claims in monitoring, detection, and alert features.
The second component of EDR is a response. The existing set of EDRs offers limited features such as threat detection and alerts. They do not have an automated mechanism to remediate the incident. Threat response without remediation is an incomplete journey.

Solution- Incident, Investigation, and Remediation

ServiceNow is an enterprise cloud company that provides Enterprise Service Management software as a service (SaS). It specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).
ServiceNow is the best answer to manage IT threats. The platform offers many out of the box solutions for ITSM and security operations (SecOps). The automated solution helps organizations respond to security issues as well as streamline remediation. ServiceNow in conjunction with other modules provides a better way to visualize and manage the security positions for critical business services and IT infrastructure in a single platform acting as a Single Source of Engagement and Single Source of Truth.

Tachyon addresses end-to-end response

“Tachyon helps security and operations teams to investigate incidents in context and remediate all endpoints in real-time.” The platform is amazingly fast in responses. (We’re talking 1-3 seconds versus our competitor’s 30-45 seconds. Yes, the second matter!). IT can remediate any and all endpoints wherever they are within seconds and with minimal impact on the network. Integrated Solution: Digital transformation needs the best of both Tachyon and ServiceNow. On one side, ServiceNow is an important platform for collaboration, issues tracking, and the single system of truth. Tachyon is for real-time investigation of incidents and remediation. Tachyon also enriches ServiceNow by bringing real-time data of affected devices or network

  • The integrated solution brings real-time incident investigation and remediation and hence a complete solution for IT automation
  • The integrated solution will accelerate investigation/analysis, bring back relevant endpoints findings and finally perform resolution/remediation.
  • The solution unifies IT and SecOps team

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