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Setting the ‘Right’ expectations with customers early

Ambareesh Kulkarni, Vice President of Professional Services at 1E, has posted some insightful and expert information on the TechRepublic web site. Ambareesh takes you through some common customer negotiation issues and then gives a series of helpful rebuttals for communicating the full value of your services organization.

…be seen as a trusted advisor…
It is much better to live in reality than just saying what the customer wants to hear.

If you are a services company, you’ve probably heard these many times, but Ambareesh covers the following in his post:

  • Your rates are too high
  • If I sign on the SOW, I want you to assure me that you will meet or beat our deadlines
  • I will only sign the PO if you can promise me that you will have consultants available for me next week
  • I should not have to pay your consultants to build this feature in the product, it should be available out of the box. Can you ask your development team to add it to the product for me?

Do you hear other things? How would you answer these?
Read the full post at TechRepublic:
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The FORRESTER WAVE™: End-User Experience Management, Q3 2022