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Shopping and AppClarity – The benefits of a software self-service portal


It’s easy to see the benefits of a software self-service portal that allows IT departments to reduce time and money involved in user software requests and delivery. Equally the ability to reclaim unused software licenses can account for more huge savings within your IT organization. Shopping and AppClarity provide these functionalities.
But when the two separate products are integrated to work together, they provide an even richer feature set that amounts to an even more streamlined method for processing software requests and accountability.
With the introduction of Shopping 4.0 in 2011, the self-service OSD feature was added. This feature meant that an end user could visit the Shopping website and request when to migrate their Windows XP machine to Windows 7 or Windows 8 at a time and date that suited them. The whole process is automated to the end user, including the reinstallation of applications that were present on Windows XP, and that were originally requested through Shopping.
That feature was enhanced in later releases, and the current version of Shopping allows you to make use of the integration services available in AppClarity to automatically reinstall applications. A benefit of this is that machines can even reinstall software which wasn’t originally obtained via Shopping.
A normal OSD task sequence can be used with with additional steps where scripts make calls to the OSD API. Functions to assign machines to rulesets\install Items\and refresh the inventory are all available and can allow a streamlined migration.
By using Shopping, an administrator can provide the freedom to end users of letting them pick when they want to carry out an OS migration. Administrators can also choose which applications should be installed on the new machine, and utilize AppMapping, which enables them to choose which applications in the XP environment should be replaced with another type. For example a newer version, or even different software which is better for the business. All this is possible because of the tight integration with AppClarity.
The advantage of using Shopping and AppClarity integrated together is that a lot of the process becomes automated, which ultimately results in time and money savings.
This solution is intended for deployment and configuration through 1E Professional Services.
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