Shopping and Windows 7 migration…

Is the possibility of business users migrating their own operating system a reality?  I think so. Shopping empowers users to request the software and services they need, when they need them and makes the process of requesting software as simple as buying a book on Amazon or an app on the app store.
But why stop there?  Our next release of Shopping will enable users to request and control their operating system migration as well as software and other resources. The user is presented with a wizard that takes them through the process of their OS migration one step at a time. The user can also select the applications to have installed once the deployment is complete.  These might be apps they’ve shopped for in the past or even those that have been installed by some other means.  I’m really excited about this new functionality and so are our customers.  I believe that letting the users manage the process themselves could remove much of the pain of the scheduling and application installation elements of Windows migration projects. Watch out for Shopping v4 this summer!


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