Shopping, AppClarity and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Going through a VDI transition is much like going through an OS migration. It’s a great opportunity to get full control of your software distribution and software waste as you move to the new environment. It’s a chance for a fresh start. AppClarity enables you to make sure your application portfolio is as clean as possible before you begin to create your virtual images.
Once you have transitioned to VDI you will achieve ongoing control of software distribution via Shopping. Not only will you enable your users to get the apps they need on demand but you will get an audit trail of who has installed what, when and who authorised it. No more ad-hoc, rogue software on your PCs.
You probably have a lot of expensive applications deployed in your environment that your users may have installed but are simply not using. AppClarity shows you these. If users do require these premium apps then no problem, Shopping is there and can enable users to install them in a controlled fashion and get access to them within minutes.
Many of our customers are currently going through an OS migration or transition like this. These projects are often cost heavy in the first 12 months but with Shopping and AppClarity cleaning and controlling the environment they soon deliver signifcant cost reductions. And this doesn’t even consider the ongoing cost savings that Shopping can deliver by removing the need to request software through the helpdesk.


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